Castings & Forgings

UBEX provides a multitude of products for industrial use. For us, it's mainly about meeting demands with our offer in terms of price and performance. If necessary, we adapt to the processes of our customers. So often, long-standing and trusting customer relationships have grown out of projects starting as small orders.

Our skills go way beyond the industries we currently serve. We are constantly expanding our network of qualified suppliers and offer products for both established large-scale industry as well as for specific niche markets - and for you, too.
We manufacture products such as the following industries:

  • Commercial vehicle technology
  • Drive technology
  • Light industry
  • Hardware technology
  • Machinery and plant construction
  • Stove and fireplace construction


Engine bracket

Gearbox Mount

Component for rear axle anti-vibration



Cast iron grating

Cast iron grating

Cast iron edge


Bearing set

Protective housing



Chair component

Fittings and Pumps

Auxiliary valve

Valve body

Valve bonnet

Sealing clamp